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Camera Obscura


I’m really liking Instagram app for iPod touch. It’s a great way to get that lo-fi look on your photos, which I’m really a fan of. Really good to way to document your stuff or just anything really. Cool stuff¬† indeed.

Snow and Slurpee,


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WIP: Tempus Fugit

Here’s what I’m currently working on. Not sure what the background would look like. It will unfold by itself eventually.

Paper planes on a windy day,


Super Sweet Fun Champ

I came up with these designs for stenciling last school year.  It was my mini side project back then to keep me sane from doing tons of school work. I remember doing these late at night probably listening to some good music, which makes it very therapeutic if you ask me.

Paper cuts and lemon,



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Sketches from the book of MRjan

Here are some sketches from my current sketchbook. A small collection of typography, thumbnails and concept works.

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